MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer / MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack (Chemistry Analyzer) 

The MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer (Chemistry Analyzer) is a compact, economical, standalone benchtop visible spectrophotometer supplied with exclusive software offering the capability of up to 4 absorbance readings per sample to accommodate sequential reactions. An extensive and continually expanding range of pre-installed protocols for use with Megazyme test kits, is also included, offering ease of use for the analyst, providing on-board step-by-step instruction and fully automated calculation of results, even accounting for individual sample dilution.

Its streamlined design offers touch screen interface, superb optics, on-board curve-fitting software, and built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories and wineries.

Product Options:

The MegaQuant™ Wave is available as a single item spectrophotometer (D-MQWAVE-1) or as the MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack (D-MQWAVE-2).

The MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack provides all equipment and accessories needed for immediate sample analysis and includes the MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotmeter, pipettes, sample tubes, volumetric flasks, timer, PVPP tablets and filtration apparatus.

  Over 70 pre-installed protocols for use with an extensive range of Megazyme test kits (manual assay procedures)
  Exclusive software capable of up to 4 absorbance readings per sample to accommodate sequential reactions
  Fully automated data analysis (automated results calculation accounting for individual sample dilution)
  Twice as many tests available using Megazyme test kits (option to use half volumes stated in the manual assay
  Use as a standard visible spectrometer in absorption mode (MegaCalc™ compatible)
  Suitable for low sample numbers/small laboratories/wineries

These advantages are highlighted in a white paper published in Wines & Vines.

RediCheck Spectrophotometer QA Kit (R-SPECQA) is a photometer check set used for Quality Assurance to verify the absorbance calibration, linearity, and precision of filter photometers on a routine basis. The kit contains four different chromophore solutions to cover a wide range of wavelengths between 340 nm and 630 nm. Instructions are included for preparing dilutions of the chromophore to check linearity.

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MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer
MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack

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   Accommodates 12 mm tubes (D-SFTUBE)
   Interactive touch-screen LCD (with USB mouse option)
  • Temperature controlled read cell and 12-cell incubation block (ambient, 25oC or 37oC)
  • Memory accommodates up to 120 protocols
  • Open system allows entry of user protocols
  • Assay modes: Absorbance, Factor, Standard, Point-to-Point, Regression, Cubic Spline (all modes kinetically, batch or singly)
  • On board curve fitting calculations with step-by-step user prompting
  • Includes six long-life IAD filters: 340, 405, 505, 545, 580 and 630 nm
  • Bichromatic and Monochromatic reading
  • Output: On-board graphics printer or optional export of results to PC/Laptop using SFCapture software

MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack Contents:

  • MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer
  • Gilson Pipetman Kit (Pipette P20, Pipette P200, Pipette P1000)
  • Test tubes for MegaQuant™ Wave, (D-SFTUBE) (1 pack of 294)
  • Megazyme timer
  • PVPP Tablets  (1 pack of 100)
  • Filter Papers    (1 pack of 100)
  • Plastic Funnels (4x)
  • Polypropylene tubes 13 mL (20x)
  • Test tube rack
  • Polypropylene tubes 30 mL (decolourisation with PVPP) (10x)
  • 100 mL Volumetric flasks (2x)

Pre-installed Megazyme Protocols:
Acetic Acid (K-ACET/K-ACETRM)
Available Carbohydrates/Dietary Fiber (K-ACHDF)
Acetaldehyde (K-ACHYD)
Ammonia (K-AMIAR)
α-Amylase (K-CERA/K-AMYLSD)
β-Amylase (K-BETA3)
Arabinan (K-ARAB)
L-Arabinose (K-ARGA)
L-Arabitol (K-MANOL)
L-Arginine/Urea/Ammonia (K-LARGE)
Ascorbic Acid (K-ASCO)
Aspartame (K-ASPTM)
Cellulase (K-CellG3/K-CellG5)
Citric Acid (K-CITR)
Ethanol (K-ETOH)
Formic Acid (K-FORM)
D-Fructose/D-Glucose (K-FRUGL)
L-Fucose (K-FUCOSE)
D-Galactose (K-ARGA)
Malt β-Glucanase (K-MBG4)
D-Gluconate/D-Glucono-δ-lactone  (K-GATE)
D-Glucosamine (K-GAMINE)
D-Glucose (K-GLUHK/K-GLUC)
D-Glucuronic/D-Galacturonic Acid (K-URONIC)
α-Glucuronidase (K-AGLUA)
L-Glutamic Acid (K-GLUT)
D-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid (K-HDBA)
myo-Inositol (K-INOSL)
D-Isocitric Acid (K-ISOC)
D-Lactic Acid (K-DATE)
L-Lactic Acid (K-LATE)
D/L-Lactic Acid (K-DLATE)
Lactulose (K-LACTUL)
Lichenase (K-MBG4)
Limit-Dextrinase (K-PullG6)
D-Malic Acid (K-DMAL)
L-Malic Acid (K-LMAL)
D-Mannitol (K-MANOL)
D-Mannose/D-Fructose/D-Glucose (K-MANGL)
Primary Amino Nitrogen (K-PANOPA)
Pullulanase (K-PullG6)
Pyruvic Acid (K-PYRUV)
L-Rhamnose (K-RHAMNOSE)
D-Sorbitol (K-SORB)
Total Starch (K-TSHK)
Succinic Acid (K-SUCC)
Free Sulfite (K-SULPH)
Tartaric Acid (K-TART)
Trehalose (K-TREH)
Urea/Ammonia (K-URAMR) (SEQ)
Xylanase (K-XylX6)
Xylitol (K-SORB)
D-Xylose (K-XYLOSE)

…..and continually expanding.

Measurement of Starch: Critical evaluation of current methodology.

B. V. McCleary, L. M. J. Charmier & V. A. McKie. (2018). Starch‐Stärke, In Press.

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