Xylan (Beechwood; purified)

Highly purified xylan from beechwood for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

Suitable as a replacement for birchwood xylan as a substrate for β-xylanase in DNSA reducing sugar assay.

Product Code
50 grams
10 grams

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Xylan (Beechwood; purified)
CAS: 9014-63-5 

4-O-methyl glucuronoxylan

> 5 years at room temperature 

Ash: 3.2%
Physical Description: Off-white, odourless powder

Highly purified xylan from beechwood suitable as a replacement for birchwood xylan as a substrate for β-xylanase in DNSA reducing sugar assays.

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